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'Old Kilkenny Review'
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Collectors' Coins GB 2009 - NEW
Huge current edition with lots of value adjustments: 
144 pages. The best value British coin price guide. Base metals, Silver and Gold from the industrial revolution to now.

'The Irish Round Tower'
The Irish Round Tower, Origins & Archictecture Brian Lalor
Published by The Collins Press, Wilton, Cork. S/B, 2005 edition.
Seventy-three early medieval Round Towers survive throughout the island of Ireland.. They represent the only form of architecture unique to Ireland.
An Excellent Reference Book.Priced @ £7.95                                       ISBN 1903464773
'Reflections on The Irish State' Garret FitzGerald
'Reflections on The Irish State' Garret FitzGerald
Published by Irish Academic Press, Dublin. H/B with dj in Mint / New condition. - 2003.
Garret FitzGerald is a former Irish prime minister, now eighty three he continues to be an important & respected commentator on many issues.
                                                                                                                       ISBN 0-7165-2775-8
An Excellent Reference on modern Ireland.Priced @ £6.00
The Trial of William Drennan (1754 - 1820)

Published by Irish Academic Press, Dublin. H/B with dj in Mint / New condition. - 1991.
.William Drennan (1754 - 1820), a physician, poet, educationalist and political radical, was one of the chief architects of the Society of United Irishmen. He is also known as the first to refer in print to Ireland as "the emerald isle".
                                                                                                                      ISBN 0-7165-2457
Irish Historical Reference  Priced @ £6.00

Published by kilkenny Archaeological Society. S/B edition in Mint / New condition. - foreword by Michael O'Dwyer.
St Patricks's cemetery kilkenny is unique in that it contains sixty six medieval tombstones, the second largest number in Ireland. Very nicely illustrated with excellent drawings & additional local history notes. + Map                                                          
An Excellent Reference Book. Priced @ £5.00
'The Storm Passed By' Ireland & The Battle of The Atlantic 1940-1941.

Published by Irish Academic Press. 1991 edition in H/B  with dj in Mint / New condition. Neutral  Ireland during WWII. Written by Trevor Allen 195 pp. Nicely illustrated with various wartime photographs including German military personnel.
An Excellent Reference Book.                                                 ISBN 0-7165-2616-6
Priced @ £6.00
'The Story of Irish Film'  Arthur Flynn 2005 edition.
From the first jerky reelers screened in 1896 to the opening of Ardmore Studios in 1958 to Section 481's tax breaks, Arthur Flynn's The Story of Irish Film includes The quiet man, the Lion in winter to O'Toole, filming Ryans Daughter, Michael Collins, Spielberg in County Wexford,  Brosnans Irish dreamtime, Oscars for Ireland, Angela's Ashes etc etc. A major work of reference on the subject. H/B with dj, A large volume with 328PP.
This book is Brand New & in MINT Condition
An excellen gift idea for Cinema lovers
Priced @ £6.00                                                                     ISBN 1-85607-914-7
OK Review
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Police -RIC
'For Want of Good Money' The Story of Ireland's Coinage. 
Edward Colgan  2003 edition. Mint New Volume
An excellent reference book on the subject. H/B with dj,  208PP.
This book is Brand New & in MINT Condition
Illustrated throughout in b/w with images of coins from the hiberno-norse pennies of the vikings in dublin, hammered issuess, Gunmoney, modern irish, decimal, euro pieces, Northern Ireland design sterling £1 pieces, irish central bank commemoratives etc.
An excellen gift idea for enthusiasts of Ireland's coinage.
Priced @ £15.00                                                                     ISBN 1869857 61 5
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The Ships of Rosslare Harbour - eBay Listing
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Collectors' Coins GB 2009 - NEW
Huge current edition with lots of value adjustments: 
144 pages. The best value British coin price guide. Base metals, Silver and Gold from the industrial revolution to now.  Price £3.99 FREE S/H

Collectors Banknotes 2008 - NEW
treasury and Bank of England (15th edition) n full colour for the first time. Current market values for all British Treasury notes
1914 - 1928 and Bank of England Bank notes 1694 - 2008. Price £3.99 FREE S/H

Irish Banknotes Irish Paper Money 1928 - 2001.SCARCE
By Martan Mac  Devitt. 2010 edition, S/B NEW. 72PP
Comprehensive reference slim volume covering the ploughman series, lady lavery, Plus Series  B & C notes. Nicely illustrated. Good Reference. £8.00 + £1 Shipping (Airmail)

ROMAN IRELAND .Vittorio Di Martino
Collins Press 2006 edition, S/B NEW.208PP
Interesting reference work. B/W illustrations. Good Reference. £7.00 + £1 Shipping (Airmail)

The Ships of Rosslare Harbour - eBay Listing
'The Ships of Rosslare Harbour' A Photographic History.
Beautifully illustrated volume publish (2008) By Nonsuch
(Now History Press) S/B edition 117 pages. Cover illustration (painting) show the
GWR steamer SS Pembroke arriving in Rosslare Harbour (Co Wexford) 1906.
Nice Gift Idea.
Price £6.50 + £1 S/H

The lordship of Ireland in the middle ages was vested in the English crown by the famous grant of Pope Adrian IV in 1155, resulting in the invasion of 1169. This book shows how that lordship developed and the heritage it passed on to later generations. It is not wholly a narrative but is thematic in its approach, examining the emergence of the Anglo-Irish identity, the growth of separatism both politically and culturally, and the survival of Gaelic Ireland....
2003 S/B ed James Lydoon. 256 PP  . Price £6.00 + £1 S/H  RECOMMENDED

history of the city from the earliest times and a selection of images that show the city at its best, this book provides information on Kilkenny's long and noble history. It was the seat of Ireland's first independent parliament during the 1640s and has been one of Ireland's key cities for centuriesn.
138 PP  . Price £7.00 + £1 S/H  RECOMMENDED

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MI5 & Ireland, The Offi cial history.
This book provides the full text of the history of MI5s
Irish section BIH....... Irish Academic Press Ltd, Iran, 2003. S/B.
Edited & introduced by Eunan O'Halpin.
138 PP  .
Price £6.00 + £1 S/H  RECOMMENDED

Bainisteoir: 10 Greatest Gaa Managers
Bainisteoir-The Ten Greatest GAA Mangers: The Individual stories of the ten most successful managers in Ireland's most popular sport
291 PP  . Finbarr McCarthy
Published by Mentor Books 2009.
Price £7.50 + £1 S/H  RECOMMENDED
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I am pleased to offer some back issues of this excellents arts magazine. Note all are unopened / New  PVC bags & include supplements etc. These are Large magazines - offered Here.@  £4.00 /Each + £1 Shipping (Airmail) (Original Cover  price €10)  (1) Summer 2005 William Orpen,  (2) Spring 2006, (3) Winter 2007 (4) Summer 2008.
Limited availability - (Paypal Buttons for Each on Right)  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Note: Additional Issues Also Available

Maynooth Studies in Irish Local History Series
WOMEN OF 1798 (Irish Rebellion)

Daire Keogh, Nicholas Furlong (Editors) Published by Four Courts Press, Dublin. S/B edition in Mint / New condition. Contents include Matilda Tone, Mary Anne McCracken, Bridget 'Croppy Biddy' Dolan - Wicklow's Anti-heroine of 1798 etc..
Irish Historical Reference  Bargain Priced @ £3.95 FREE S/H 
                                                                                           ISBN: 185182359X
Studies in Local (Irish) History  (Selected Titles) Four Courts Press popular local histories  in slim S/B format.
(1) The Diocese of Lismore  - RB MacCarthy 2008 Ed   (2) The Land movement in Tullaroan Co Kilkenny 1879-1891 Edward Kennedy  (58PP)  (3) The Murder of Thomas Douglas Bateman,Co Monaghan 1851 Michael McMahon 2006 (68PP) (4) Violence & Nationalist Politics in Derry City ' 1920 - 1923 Ronan Gallagher
(5) Restoration Strabane 1660 - 1714 Economy & Society in provincial Ireland William J Roulston
(6) Falling into Wretchedness Ferbane in the late 1830s' Helen Shiel (7) The Life & Career of P.A. McHugh, A North Connaught Politician 1859 - 1909 Ide Ni Liathain  (8)  Portrait of  A Westmeath Tennant Community 1879 - 1885 The Barbavilla Murder Anne Murtagh

Offered @ £3.99 / each. Limited availability - FREE SHIPPING (Paypal Buttons for Each on Right)  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Note: Additional Issues Also Available








'Tony O'Malley'  (Irish Artist)  Edited by Brian Lynch.
With contributions by Aidan Dunne, Brian Fallon, Patrick Heron, Patrick J. Murphy, Frances Ruane, Vera Ryan, Hugh Stoddart & James White. Beautifully Illustrated large H/B volume published in 2004 (3rd edition) By New Island. 323PP  Beautifully illustrated in colour throughout with works by the artist.
An Excellent book which would make a VERY NICE gift idea for those who are interested in the wide world of contemporary art.

Tony O'Malley (1913 – 2003) was ant Irish painter, born in Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland and, while he drew and painted for private pleasure from childhood, he worked as a bank officìal until a long battle with tuberculosis in the 1940s knocked him off the normal course of his life. He began painting in earnest while convalescing and, though he did at first return to bank work, he continued to paint and in 1951 he began exhibiting his work. In 1955 he holidayed in St. Ives in Cornwall, then an important center of abstract art and home to Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron, and Bryan Wynter, who Tony O'Malley met and worked with on his trip. He returned again in 1957 and in 1958 retired to paint full time.
2004 H/B.Book is Brand New with dust jacket & is MINT sealed. Price £16.00 + £2.50 S/H  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

                                                                                            ISBN 1 904301 44 4
Ireland 'Flora Hibernica' Pilcher/Hall Beautiful Book
Flora Hibernica describes the very special landscape and plant combinations in Ireland.
It describes the plants associated with specific habitats such as the seashore,
woodlands, boglands, etc. Regional variations within habitat zones are included, with
particular attention given to plants unique to each habitat. The particular combinations
of light, water and nutrients are also described. Current external influences such as
agricultural practices, land use and disease also play a role and this is examined.
Each chapter is profusely illustrated in colour
S/B edition beautifully illustrated throughout. 204pp published in 2007. Collins Press
Good Reference. £7.00 + £1 Shipping (Airmail)
                                                                                   ISBN - 13 9781903464519
The Aftermath of Revolution in Sligo 1921 - 1923
Michael Farry
Published by University College Dublin Press .2000 S/B edition. 288 PP
Excellent Reference. .
BRAND NEW / UNUSED BOOK Price £6.00 + £1 S/H 
                                                                            ISBN-10: 1900621398

The GPO & The Easter Rising'
Keith Jeffery
Published by Irish Academic Press .2006 S/B edition. 222 PP
Excellent Reference. .
BRAND NEW / UNUSED BOOK Price £6.00 + £1 S/H 
                                                                           ISBN-10: 0716528274

Two Little Boys'  An account of The Dublin & Monaghan  Bombings & Their Aftermath'  Edward J O'Neill with Barry J. Whyte  Currach Press .2004 S/B edition. 228 PP
'On the afternoon of 17 May 1974, Ed O'Neill was playing, just like any other four-year old boy in the city. That day was not to be like any other however. Later, as he was walking on Parnell Street with his brother, Billy, and father, Edward O'Neill Snr, a major explosion went off killing his father instantly. The two young boys were very seriously injured. Thirty-three others were killed that day, in what became known simply as The Dublin and Monaghan Bombings......'.
BRAND NEW BOOK Price £4.50 + £1 S/H 

                                                                             ISBN-1- 85607-909-0

The Irish Pearl A  Cultural Social & Economic History  . John Lucey Wordwell Ltd, Wicklow .2006 S/B edition. 172 PP

'Pearl fishing has an exotic ring to it, but few people know that it was once a widespread activity in Ireland. In fact, pearls have been found in rivers throughout the country, and they have been a feature of our past since the ancient Irish began to trade them with the Phoenicians in exchange for the secrets of producing purple dye, and the Tuatha Dé Danann used them as elixirs.
Throughout the centuries, pearl fishing in Ireland has ranged between a casual occupation and an organized commercial concern.......'
Brand NEW BOOK Price £4.50 + £1 S/H 
                                                                                     ISBN 1905569017

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'Charlie: A Life in Words and Pictures  Aongus Collins. Irish politician Charles Haughey.  Currach Press .2006 S/B edition. 95 PP
Humorous sketch of haugheys more often than not controversial carreer. Cartoon illustrations also by Aongus Collins.
BRAND NEW BOOK Price £3.50 + £1 S/H 

                                                                             ISBN-1- 85607-946-5

'At Five in the Afternoon: My Battle with Male Cancer'
Michael Murphy  Foreword by Mary Robinson
Published by Brandon .2009 S/B edition. 270 PP 
Popular irish RTE journalist & newsreader.
BRAND NEW / UNUSED BOOK Price £5.00 + £1 S/H 

Home Comforts' Eoin Lyons   (A Beautiful Interior Design Book)
Published by Currach Press .2008 S/B edition. 
'How to make your house a home' is a phrase often used: Home Comforts provides advice on how to do just that. Absolutely Beautifully illustrated with interior shots and detail in colour, it focuses not on structures but on the things that make a difference to the comfort and atmosphere of the home
BRAND NEW / UNUSED BOOK Price £4.00 + £1 S/H 

'A History of Newtownbutler' Barbara Chapman
Published by Nonsuch (The History Press) .2005 S/B edition. 128 PP 
Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.
BRAND NEW / UNUSED BOOK Price £4.95 + £1 S/H 

                                                                           ISBN- 9781845885250

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A Great Gift Idea
'The General and I' Wolfgang Eulitz
Published by Maverick House .2006  S/B edition. 197 PP  The Untold Story Behind Martin Cahill's Hot Dog Wars
Irish gangster Martin Cahill also known as 'The General'  Wolfgang Eulitz worked hard to set up his Hot Dog business on Dublin's Leeson Street,................
BRAND NEW / UNUSED BOOK Price £3.50 + £1 S/H 

                                                                           ISBN- 1-905379-09-9